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Pet sitting and other services

Due to Covid we have very limited availibility for pet sitting*********


*Assessment of pets comfort and compliance may be required

1 Hour session $100

Dog walks, Cat visits & Critter care


20-30 minute visit $30

45 minute visit $45

1 hour visit  $60

Visits for dogs consist of:   -a potty break


                                         -playtime or walk outside, weather permitting, or an alternative activity of your choice

Cats will receive personalized care catered to individual needs. Cats must be kept indoors if receiving care to ensure we are able to see your kitty is well and/or administer medication(s).


Feeding, replenishing of water and administering oral or topical medications are able to be administered at this time, and is included in the price of occasional and Weekly visits as long as it is safe to do so. This does not include potential handling fees if pets are uncooperative and/or require more time. 

​​Unfortunately we cannot take on visits with pets allowed constant access to the outdoors, without a full waive of liability.  We cannot accommodate house pets that are kept solely outside.  This is to ensure your pet's safety and to be able to better keep track of eating and drinking habits.  It also makes certain we can see, medicate and care for your pet more regularly.

We also care for Pocket Pets, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and most Fresh water Fish!

Critter Sitting: feeding, enclosure cleaning, play $18 and up

Ask about pricing for your small pet staying with us*

Pet sitting

Have your pets stay home!

Keep them in an environment they know and that are comfortable being in, while you're away.


Dog sitting: AM and PM walk or outdoor playtime, feeding, medicating, overnight stay over in client’s home.  Includes dinner time potty break and feeding.

**This does not include a mid day visit which we require for consecutive overnights.**


9 PM- 6 AM

1 dog     $95

2 dogs     $105

Have your pets stay with us!

Must be crate trained/house trained and good with kids or other dogs and cats.  Consists of overnight company of a person/family for the night.


24 hours

1 dog     $85

2 dogs     $100


7 PM- 7 AM

Includes drop off to daycare

1 dog     $65

2 dogs    $85

Holiday care is an additional $10/day per pet


A visit after 8 pm (other than overnight care) is considered after regular business hours, and may have an additional charge

Prices may vary if other animal care is added or you have special requests.


  Pet taxi and Additional Services


Daycare drop off/pick up
Grooming drop off/pick up
Within 5 miles one way trip     $20
each additional mile     $0.75
Vet visits     $70/hour
(pick up to drop off)
Home check no pets      $25/20 minutes
Overnight stay no pets     $80
Yard clean up(pet waste)     please inquire


Training is limited to Basic Obedience

Sit, come, stay/wait, loose leash walking, touch, and down commands.

20 minute training session without owner add-onto walk)     $30

One on one/family 30 minute session      $45

One on one/family 60 minute session     $80


Please inquire about Board and Train*

~Based on availability~

Day Sitting, Play-dates, Dog beach, Dog Park visits or similar activities.


24 hour supervision *Starts at $300/day

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