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We Specialize in Senior's, Puppies & Kittens.  We can provide training and re-socialization for most cases.  The time needed for these cases often requires an attention to detail associated with our experience.  We ask that you are available to assist during the first session to ensure your pets comfort.  We will need to assess your pets situation in order to decide if your pet does better with or without your presence during the grooming process.

Grooming is available only for dogs compliant and healthy enough. Only an evaluation of you pet can decide this factor. Prices may vary. 


Please contact us for pricing and cat service requests.

Nail trim & Dremel

Dogs and cats up to 50 lbs  $15

Dogs 50-75 lbs  $20

Dogs over 75 lbs  $25

Cat Grooming

Please inquire

Dog Grooming

We ask that you provide us with Towels and a Tub or Sink.  Our Table will fit small dogs up to about 40 lbs

*Double coated dogs may not allow adequate clean up and additional cleanup maybe required beyond what our service provides

*Larger dogs are only eligable for bathing (minimal shedding pets)

~Full Grooming and Bathing includes nail trimming and ear cleaning~


Hand stripping *please inquire

Puppy Noise/touch exposure (30 minute Training session)     $45


Additional & Add On services


Ear Cleaning(add on only)      $5

Brush out (add on only)   $10 per 10 minutes

De-matting(Bath/Grooming add on only)    $20 per 10 minutes

External anal glad expression(Bath/Grooming add on only$10

Small Dogs start at $45 for a bath(short haired) up to $70 for full groom

Pricing is based per hour and may be subject to change

Pricing based on size, coat type and condition, breed cuts, as well as various other services performed.



Handling fee for special needs pets may apply

We are currently taking new client's with available appointments on Saturdays.


Booking monthly gets you 10% off


They don't stay clean for long!!

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