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Sarah Holmes, Owner

My name is Sarah and I am a Groomer, Dog Obedience Trainer, Pet sitter and all around animal lover. I have mainly worked with dogs and felines throughout my career.  I initially worked with small animals, from rodents and lizards to birds. I have even taken care of horses when I took horse back riding as a kid. I'm lucky to have worked with animals of all sizes since a young age. I greatly enjoy bonding and creating positive, safe environments for pets.  Animals are my life, I have 2 dogs and 4 cats of my own. I have personally owned rats, mice, ferrets, birds, and various fish!


I try to incorporate health and overall well-being into my care of pets and treat every dog or cat with their individual needs in mind. I use mainly positive methods with redirection and exercise of the mind and body. I have been lucky enough in life to have had numerous mentors for various pet related aspects of care. Between my school mentors, volunteering with rescues and working since I was old enough to get a job in the animal industry; I have had a set goal to continue to work with animals and be the best care taker I can for them.


I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. As a kid, some people didn't really think of pet care as being a career outside of a vet. So when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I could only ever say, "anything with animals!" I certainly got some looks! I'm glad I stuck to my heart and never let it stop me in my need for knowledge and search for the right path. I hope to continue my education and my opportunities to work with pets and their owners.


I currently have completed certificates through Animal Behavior College in Vet assistance, Obedience Training, and lastly with Honors, a Grooming certification. I have completed programs aimed toward Private dog training, Pet Sitting and Dog walking, working with shelter dogs, and Pet CPR & First Aid to try provide you with the best care possible. I am beyond happy to have found such a great area to work in the Sunshine state! My main goal with continuing my business is pushing myself to keep learning, and passing along that knowledge.

Reiki Certification has brought an aspect of care I wasn't consciously aware of.  I have always felt the energy that brings joy into my life with animals and Reiki and its energy has solidified my path to helping those that need it.  I am loving the incorporation with care and calming that is necessary with most clients needing these home based services.


I look forward to building relationships with pets and their owners. Working together with other Sitters in the area I feel a peace of mind, having other people to refer clients to of strong work ethic and responsibility, if for some reason I am unavailable.


Looking forward to meeting you!

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